Nurturing Futures. Fostering care.OUR VISION

Giving children in care a
platform to achieve

The fostering landscape continues to change and grow, but remains the preferred route of placements for local authorities accounting for 74% of all children placed in the UK. Demand for independent fostering providers also continues to increase as we have the ability to recruit and retain carers to meet the needs of higher acuity placements.

Over the last five years, placements with independent providers have grown by 27% and 33% in England and Scotland respectively. With this trend set to continue, we must prepare to meet the demand of tomorrow, today. Our long-term plan will support the demand of our local authority partners for well matched, stable placements delivering the best outcomes for the children in our care.

“My drive to ensure the families and children in our care have the best possible experiences is echoed throughout our organisation, with each member of the team really wanting to make a difference”.

Our Mission

Our mission is the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

PICS agencies strive to be the provider of choice for the provision of excellent standard and specialist family care for children and young people, enabling them to achieve their full potential in a stable and supportive foster home where best practice, quality and safe care is delivered.

ISP School Kent aims to be the provider of choice for specialist, non-residential education provision in Kent and, through its holistic and therapeutic approaches, is committed to supporting students through to mainstream or further education, or the world of work and self-sufficiency.

We are a Secure Base organisation, every facet of our operation is underpinned by the principles of this model.

Our Culture

A Secure Base organisation with clear leadership and collaborative working to support the very best outcomes for each and every child in our care.


Our Values

Leadership that is focussed on quality and growth to ensure we meet the needs of society’s most vulnerable children

Collaboration because no one person has the answer, but collectively we can positively change lives

Integrity drives every decision that we make

Accountability comes easily because integrity underpins our practice

Diversity comes as standard – we are inclusive and representative

Quality is an evolving standard and we never stop trying to improve

Secure Base underpins our organisation