that get’s kids growing fruit & veg!

We’ve launched a campaign that encourages
children to grow their own fruit and vegetables

Fosterplus and Orange Grove have launched a campaign in Milton Keynes
that encourages children to grow their own fruit and vegetables. The Summer Kitchen
Project offers foster children and local school children a free learning experience,
which aims to show them how easy it is to grow fresh produce and cook
their own healthy food.

The campaign was officially launched on Saturday by Cllr Martin Petchley
and Siobhan Harper, Business Development Director at
Wavendon Gate, in Milton Keynes.

“It was a great pleasure and privilege to be at the event and to meet the wonderful people who are doing great things for the children.”

Children painted their strawberry pots and planted them, while selecting fruit to make
their own smoothies. They played games where they had to guess what vegetables were
in the box along with potato and spoon racing.

Brigitte Thomas, Registered Manager at Orange Grove Foster Care in Milton Keynes,
said: “We are committed to improving the outcomes for children in our care.
We always highlight the importance of sitting down together at meal times whenever
possible, even if it’s a handful of times each week.

“We believe that children are more likely to try new foods if they’ve grown it themselves
and enjoyed it – helping them to eat healthy and regularly reach their five a day.”

Fosterplus and Orange Grove Fostercare will also be hosting fun, interactive
workshops throughout the summer on Thursday 26th July and 16th August from 10am-2pm to
show children how to grow fruit and vegetables and how to use their produce
in fun, child friendly recipes.

Further details on the project
can be found at

Summer Kitchen

Orange Grove and Fosterplus are independent fostering agencies, which look
after vulnerable children and young people. They are part of Partnerships in Children’s Services (PICS),
whose aim as a fostering provider is to ensure that those in their care lead happy, stable, active childhoods – childhoods
that provide the foundations for fulfilled and productive adulthoods.