Our carers are committed for the long term – 82% of carers said they intend to foster with us for at least another 5 years and over 50% for more than 10 years.

Why work with us?

We are one of the UK’s leading groups of independent fostering agencies, with over 30 local offices nationwide, delivering both core and high acuity therapeutic fostering. The children and young people in our care are placed at the centre of our organisation, with our highly-skilled staff team entirely focused on supporting our carers in delivering the best outcomes for them.

Our 5 well-established foster agencies are mostly rated as Good or Outstanding by Ofsted, which is testament to the exceptionally high standard of care we provide to both carers and children.
About Us

Best outcomes for children

At PICS, children and young people are treated as individuals, with personal care programmes tailored to their individual needs to help them to reach their full potential; starting from our stringent matching process, through to personal education and wellbeing plans, contact
arrangements, therapy support sessions and more.

We believe that every child can achieve great things, whether in care or not. As early-adopters of the Secure Base model, we empower children with the security, confidence, competence and resilience needed to help them thrive not just at home, but at school too.

Highly-skilled carers

We have a wealth of experience within our carer community due to our extensive training programme. Before joining, all carers receive preparation training based on the Secure Base Model and Skills to Foster, followed by 8 core courses that cover everything from safeguarding to promoting contact with families.

As well as our core training, we also offer ongoing, free to attend training courses, including specialist courses that help carers look after children with specific issues, such as autism and foetal alcohol syndrome.

Families for teens, siblings & complex needs

We have a wealth of highly-skilled foster carers able to look after young people and sibling groups of all ages, as well as those with more complex needs.

This includes specialist referrals, such as Parent and Child.

Emergency Referrals

We have dedicated out-of-hours referrals team who will help to find appropriate foster careers for referrals around-the-clock

Please call us on 08454 859909 for out of hours and emergency referrals.